by shriveena

Taking a break from essay writing to procrastinate further and update this. I’ve never written an essay so last minute before but a strange sense of calm has overwhelmed me? I’m probably basking in the joy of the non-assessed nature of my 1st Year essays. The whole weekend seems to have wafted by and collided into a long day of closed curtains, piles of books, cups of hot drinks and working into the wee hours of the morning (and lots of hours drawn into YouTube and television shows).

It’s nice, though. This weekend has been a perfect balance of solitude and company with friends; laughing and enjoying good food together and recollecting on the past week; de-stressing, if you will. It’s strange that as each day goes by, nothing feels any different but things are, for a fact, changing and so many things are bound to happen given the amount of crosses on the calendar being securely held up by blue-tac. Such is the life of temporary living, I suppose. I can’t wait to get my own flat and be away from awkward socialising with people I don’t care for, but I will also miss the casual and hilarious bump-ins with the people I do care for.

How strange it is to be anything at all.