by shriveena

A beast drags its feet along the corridor and creeps into my door; sliding its body against the walls, heading towards my bed – its thick, coarse and jet black fur brushes my skin and goosebumps run all over my body . A shudder painfully descends down my spine. I lay crippled with fear, with the senseless delusion of closing my eyes to make it disappear. My breathing speeds up, my palms start to sweat and a large knot has tightly strung in my stomach. With no warning, its paws grab my neck and its sharp, brown fingernails rip my throat apart, my muscles and vessels beat in, out, in, out: shocked to be revealed; its teeth find their way to my chest and repeatedly pierces my heart with vengeance. All the inspiration, happiness and hope leave my body at once – Gone. Never to return. Vanished.

My eyes are sore and a piercing headache hits me as I awake, trying to salvage any piece of me remaining from this ordeal.